IWRY Fiction List for 2010

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November 1
Ecstasy Denied
Author: Annegables
Rating: PG -13
Summary: Set During Revelations and that great workout session Buffy and Angel had!

November 2
like never, and like always
Author: seraphcelene
Rating: PG
Summary: Buffy and Angel between Flooded and Life Serial.

November 3
Author: Jo
Rating: General
Summary: Were Wes and Cordelia accurate in acting out Angel’s meeting with Buffy after Willow resurrected her?

November 4
If I forget thee
Author: Fluff
Rating: R
Summary: Time goes by and he is her Holy Land.

November 5
Author: Ares
Rating: NC 17
Summary: As Angel works, he reflects.

November 6
Plastic Spoon
Author: Moscow Watcher
Rating: General
Summary: Memories are tricky.

November 7
Not an Addict
Author: Charlynn (oy_humbug2)
Rating: R
Summary: Instead of dulling the nothingness by having sex with Spike, Buffy turns to a different sort of addiction. When she spins out of control, what... or who will be there to reel her back in, or will it be too late?

November 8
Author: Mayfever
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Angel doesn't go to see the Oracles again in IWRY. Does that mean he and Buffy get their happily-ever-after?

November 9
And Life Was One Long Fight Again
Author: Weasy
Rating: G/PG 13
Summary: After NFA Angel wakes up somewhere extremely unexpected, with some unusual obstacles to getting back home.

November 10
Still Sixteen And In Love
Author: Aaronlisa
Rating: FR 13
Summary: They still love one another even after all the years that have gone by

November 11
The Road From Babel
Author: Kairos
Rating: R
Summary: The words were always in the way.

November 12
Remembrances of the Rose
Author: Jo
Rating: General
Summary: Forever. That’s the whole point.

November 13
A Coming of Age
Author: Maren
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes life takes things away, only to give things in return.

November 14
For Each Beloved Soul
Author: Ashes at Midnight
Rating: PG ( for mild language only)
Summary: Time passes, and our heroes enter heaven. All to the great relief of one very special angel.

November 15
Weekly Update
Author: Leni
Rating: General
Summary: post-NFA. Her worst wounds were invisible.

November 16
Born Of Fire And Torment
Author: Jenny Haniver
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Buffy is the slayer. Angel is a vampire. Different beginning and ending.

November 17
Villanelle, On Leaving Sunnydale
Author: brutti ma buoni
Rating: PG
Summary: In an interlude after Graduation Day, Buffy discovers a message from Angel

November 18
Author: SCWLC
Rating: PG
Summary: Buffy’s just heard from Anya that Angel was in Sunnydale all Thanksgiving. She’s not exactly happy.

November 19
Windows to the Soul
Author: Taaroko
Rating: PG
Summary: Set in the Wishverse. Thanks to more strategic timing with her crossbow than she demonstrated in the episode, Buffy takes out the Master in one shot. She and Angel survive to continue the battle for Sunnydale another day, but the town isn't the only thing that needs saving.

November 20
Darker Urges
Author: Racheltng
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Even so often, Angel needs a release for his urges. Part of the Bared Souls Universe.

November 21
Armed and Dangerous
Author: Kairos
Rating: General or Adult
Summary: Buffy and Angel patch each other up on a night that the bad guys win. Set in an alternate BtVS6/AtS3.

November 22
Tokens of Here and Now
Author: Insomnfreak
Rating: Mature
Summary: Angel finds an unlikely ally and realizes destinies and prophesies are a fool’s game. Set during and after NFA.

November 23
The Path Not Taken
Author: Anna (bite_or_avoid)
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes, the path not chosen is just as important as the one that is.

November 24
Dark Side of The Moon
Author: KD4674
Rating: PG
Summary: He is a figure carved of light and dark.

November 25
It Was A Start
Author: Laure Alexander
Rating: R
Summary: Wolfram & Hart ended the world after NFA, yet it keeps going and Angel walks a fine line working for and against them, and then Buffy is captured and he has to save her despite the risk.

November 26
Author: Spiralleds
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Angel and Buffy take in the Black Friday sales. Sequel to last year's IWRY

November 27
Dragon Heart
Author: Margot Le Faye
Rating: NC-17/MA
Summary: Buffy’s immortal, Angel’s dead. And in an alternate, medieval universe, a powerful witch needs the Slayer to stop a war that could engulf an entire world. A Non-AU, non-post NFA fic that mostly takes place in an AU post-NFA. Follows show canon only, ignores all comic books.

November 28
Five Times Buffy and Angel Let Go and The One Time They Held On
Author: Angelus2hot
Rating: PG
Summary: Despite how in love they are with each other Buffy and Angel keep letting each other go but this last time Angel decides enough is enough and fights to keep her.

November 29
Hell and High Water
Author: Dark Star
Rating: Adult
Summary: Don't pay the ferryman

November 30
Author: Ares
Rating: PG 13
Summary: A girl needs saving.


Bonus 1
Zeppo Revisited
Author: Leni
Rating: R
Summary: Morning After & Other Fairytales. If Angel hadn't lost his soul, how would The Zeppo have ended?

Bonus 2
Author: Ares
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A clandestine date. Set sometime after Not Fade Away and Chosen

Bonus 3
Between Safety and Ruin
Author: Jenny Haniver
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU set during Buffy's post-resurrection meeting with Angel

Bonus 4
The Old Smith House
Author: Weasy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A little glimpse of Buffy and Angel’s not quite peaceful suburban future.

Bonus 5
Author: Taaroko
Rating: PG (sorta)
Summary: Set somewhere between "What's My Line: Part II" and "Bad Eggs", during one of Buffy's visits to Angel's apartment. If Xander retained his Soldier Guy knowledge and skills from "Halloween", then it follows logically that Buffy retained just as much from the 18th century noblewoman.

Bonus 6
Author: Pessimistic B/A Fan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set in S4 of Angel, S7 of Buffy. After seeing Connor and Cordelia together, Angel goes back to the woman he’s always loved.

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In addition to all of the fabulous authors mentioned above, I would like to add a quick thank you to all of the lovely people who helped with preparation so that this years’ marathon would run smoothly. I would therefore like to thank Ares, Jo, Kairos, Leni, LJ, Mike, Moscow Watcher, and Taaroko. I couldn’t have done it without you!