Season Two

Author:  Annegables

Rated: Mature

Disclaimer: The usual - all things belong to Joss

Summary: We know that Angelus was capable of so much more than what he visited upon Buffy...what was going on in his head, anyway?





"You've really got a yen to hurt this girl, haven't you?” Spike said in wonderment.

"She made me feel human being. That's not the kind of thing you just forgive," Angelus replied with a more than a touch of impatience.  Honestly, what did Spike think?  That he would want to move in with the Slayer and start building a white picket fence? Although, he supposed that’s what Spike had always been trying to do with Dru…a vamp version of a white picket fence.

"I see pretty, pretty blood running through her lovely hair…like a river of silk…."

"Be just like old times," murmured Angelus. He wondered how much Drusilla had already ‘seen’. Spike was oblivious - he always thought that his way was the only way though Angelus could never understand how a poet had become so rough and tumble. One would have thought that Spike, of all people, would understand why he liked to do things with artistry. A bit of flair, so to speak.  Half of the enjoyment came from seeing someone suffer with the waiting, and knowledge, of what was to come.


Just imagining Buffy's face was already making him quiver with excitement. How he could play with her, torment her, make her wait for the death she knew would come upon everyone she loved.


Angelus looked up only to encounter Drusilla's knowing eyes. "Just like old times..." she murmured back at him, languidly lifting her hand to her forehead. She slowly seemed to float towards him as though she was trying to hold back her own memories. Angelus sometimes wondered if it had been a huge mistake to send her around the bend.  The whole ‘seeing thing’ could have been more useful if she had her senses still. That’s why he had to careful with the Slayer…more careful than he had been with Drusilla. Think more long term.


He needed to concentrate. His first move had to be a statement for their future. What would bring the most pain? Young girl head over heels in love and just giving up her virginity. He chuckled under his breath. was perfect. The hurt would be so great it would take her breath away and he would be able to hear her heart skip a beat, and her blood stop flowing, for just that one second. A small death, a beautiful orgasm of pain. He stood up, joy singing through his heart, as he hurried towards the bed that had held them in such disgusting love just hours ago.


He would get to the friends. Always start with the nearest and dearest. It's so exquisite watching a human go slowly mad with grief. And this time it won't be just any human - it will be a Slayer, THE Slayer, his Slayer. His smile widened and his step was that much lighter with the sudden freedom that came with a clear sense of purpose. He walked in and lightly touched her shoulder….


"You don't want to kill her, do you? You want to hurt her. Just like you hurt me".

He had been right. Drusilla had ‘seen’ his plan right off the bat. His every thought, between vicious kills, was creating a scenario where Buffy’s pain would be his forever. He finally had to admit that he wanted to turn her. She could take the place of Darla - a better bargain in his opinion since he would finally be the older and stronger in a relationship. No, he did not just say the word "relationship". Not that. It would be a sire/power thing. That's it.


Spike was his usual annoying self with no vision whatsoever. Kill her, indeed. What a waste that would be. Didn't he even realize that he would have Slayer blood on tap forever? Only a fool like Spike would think to kill in such a situation. So things went a little south with the Judge episode. He had honestly thought that a part of California inhabited with only the unrighteous would be fun - would have sent the Slayer over the edge and right into his arms.


Instead, he had to deal with her blow to his nether regions. But it had actually warmed his cockles, so to speak, seeing that she had got her confidence back. Made the game that much more interesting. After all, who wants a wimpy, weepy Slayer in the end? Look at Dru - no, he wanted a spitfire when she was turned. All angry and mean. Much more fun.

So...what to do next. Buffy would be super protective of her little club now. He grimaced as he noticed he was actually thinking in "Buffy speak". Little wench had really got to the soul. He, unfortunately, could feel the residue of love coursing through him every time he thought of her. It was distracting and kind of...itchy! Made him want to run around the room and scream but that was much too undignified for a master vampire.


He would work her out his system the old fashioned way. Destroy her, and then build her up as his very own work of art - one that would be displayed in his bed one day if he had his way. And he would. So it would have to be someone out of her immediate circle then. One of the many hormone addled teenagers hanging around that school and then send them with a message of "love" to Buffy. He felt elation running through him at the thought of how guilty Buffy would feel.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Angelus placed the still beating heart down on the table for Dru, smirking at Spike as he did so. Really, Spike was such a ridiculous romantic. His mind was barely on what Spike was saying but he meant what he had said about wanting to do things "with poetry". Better than what he did with Dru. He wanted to be able to show off Buffy when he was done. Have his accomplishment retold over the centuries - a story truly worthy of telling. Thus the sending of the roses. His smile widened at the thought of her wanting to keep the flowers close to her, wishing that they had come from Angel and a little excited that they had come from Angelus. He knew his Slayer and her yen for danger.

So what would speak to Buffy's heart at this point? She would be well and truly armed and warned by that pesky Watcher of hers by now. So he might as well go for it and take one of her ‘scoobies’. Someone that she would be willing to hand her life over for. Her mother would be perfect...he would go in tonight and take her. And if he happened to run across his Slayer in her bed then he might take advantage of that too. Sweet, dreaming Buffy would probably not even realize it wasn't Angel before he had taken her. He had heard her call the soul's name in her sleep as he waited outside her house at night. How delicious it would be to sink into her while hearing her breathe the name of the man she had killed. His steps quickened just as his blood did at the very thought.


It was time to admit that maybe he had a small problem here. Just a small one, nothing he couldn't deal with. But he had nearly lost it with jealousy when he had gone to Buffy's room and found Xander in it. Just when he was about to break the whelp's neck, he realized that there was another woman in the room and, along with everything else, there was magic in the air.


But there must be some bit of Angel still inside him because his first thought was for Buffy's safety. How sick was that? He literally could feel his last meal working its way back up just thinking about it. Maybe he should track down that gypsy woman and find out what the hell was going on with his soul or lack thereof. Because he could not recall actually feeling any fear for Darla's safety at any point in the past. If he didn't watch out he would end up in some quasi-human emotional state like that twat, Spike. He could strangle Dru right now for having stopped him from killing Xander. Not that it would do any good since Dru wouldn't die but it would certainly make him feel better. He swore under his breath. This obsession was starting to beget mini obsessions of its own. This had to stop.

Last night was proof of that. He had spent the whole night deep in thought about Buffy and his plan for her future. He had to have her. He had come to that conclusion and it shamed him deeply. The original plan to kill her friends and turn her had been to have a new playmate, one that he could have bragged about. But, now, he was willing to admit that he wanted her with him and he wanted her all to himself. He would have to ditch Spike and Dru when she was turned.


And he needed to do it quickly before he completely lost it. He had sat beside her, just touching her, and felt a strange peace that he had never felt since being turned. It made him sick and yet...he was incapable of hurting her last night. Left her a drawing telling her of that weakness.


What was the matter with him? He was losing his ever-loving mind - no, he was another version of Spike and Buffy was becoming his Dru. It was pathetic. He bore up and took a deep breath. He had to stop this sickness that was spreading inside him. What was Dru going on about anyway?

" to destroy our happy home" Dru held her head in her hands and moaned.

What was the crazy bint on about now? The Slayer and her crew were trying to resoul him? He felt his anger coming up and consuming him. He hadn't killed a single person around her and she dared to try to murder him? Should have killed her right off the bat that night in Angel's apartment. Well, can't say he hadn't been forewarned. Look at how Spike gets treated for all his loving kindness to Drusilla. And now he was in the same position - it was enough to make his blood boil. First, though, a quick visit to Buffy's house to let her know that all bets were off. No more flowers or free passes.

"Sorry, Angel. Changed the locks."

Angelus looked on in horror as Buffy slammed her door in his face. The bitch...and after he didn't even touch her mother. He had just been letting her know that Buffy was his and no one else's, not her family or her friend's. The gloves were off and she had the gall to treat him with this disrespect.


He walked away and down the street, his bitterness quickly turning into malice. Where would Giles's little love be right now? There was no way he was being turned back into that whiny soul version, Angel. And he would be happy to take that little schemer out of the way. He was even a little upset on behalf of his souled half. How had Angel not caught on that the teacher was one of the Gypsy's? He turned into the school as he caught a whiff of his prey and a smile ripped across his face.

"...NO!" cried out Willow.

Angelus smiled as he lovingly watched the pain and guilt spread across Buffy's face. And he felt the power flow over him as the rage washed away. Buffy couldn't help her human tendencies; after all, she was human. But he could and would. He would still have her but he would wipe out these uncomfortable feelings for her that Angel had left behind in him, like a disease that was threatening to kill him. He left her, crying, and her beauty caused him to want to tear up. It was like seeing a timeless piece of art. And it all was all his.

"If you ask me, I find myself preferring the old Buffy-whipped Angelus. This new and improved version is not playing with a full sack."

Angelus spun around as Spike voiced his greatest fear. That he really was infected permanently and was never going to be the Angelus of old. He responded to Spike with bluster just as the Watcher surprised him. Really surprised him. Where was Buffy? She was supposed to come so that they could have this out once and for all. Get it over with.


Ah - there she is. He could feel the sexual thrill and fear all flow through him at once. There was nothing like it. He could smell her excitement and hear her blood flowing. The pain, the tears, the fear...he wanted to lay her down and just eat her in every way possible. But he was going to have to run right now as she was too strong with her emotion. And there was no way he would have his way with her with all of these witnesses, especially


Killed By Death

His blood roiled in frustration. They were around her again. He had been following her looking for the opportunity for them to be private. So that her dying and rebirth could be his alone. And now he thought he had her only to have that noisy bunch of humans interrupt. Oh well, nothing stopping him from enjoying his evening and working off some energy. He rushed Buffy only to find that she was not on top of her game. And his thoughts were not going to killing first!


He disappeared into the night as the bunch of weaklings fought him off with a cross but stopped as he heard Buffy fall to the ground. Well, this was interesting…and possibly an opportunity? He followed closely and watched her disappear into the hospital. Hmmm...not like he didn't know his way around that building. It was always the popular place for an easy meal. Perhaps some flowers for his past and future lover? And wouldn't it be fun to taunt her friends with his ability to walk into a public building. He chuckled under his breath and wandered back to the graveyard to pick up some roses worthy of Buffy. White...yes, white for purity and innocence. It was almost...poetic.

I Only Have Eyes for You

Sickening...he felt rather violated. And the worst part was that, when Buffy first told him that he was the only one, he felt a burst of pleasure course through him. It would be mutual when he turned her. That feeling would translate over to her life as a vampire and she would be all his. Then he had come to his senses before she guessed how he was feeling and had tried to get back in full form when he had felt himself overcome by the same magic.


And it had been nauseating. Like he was Angel all over again and she had been his whole reason for living. He scrubbed as hard as he could - it was over. He was never going to win this the way things were. He needed to make a big change to this whole town - one that would put him in charge and keep him on track to getting back to the Angelus of old. Where Spike would look at him in fear again instead of the pity stare he could feel at his back at this moment. He was tired of not having control. And that kiss had been him not in control. He needed a vile kill, now, then a lightning round with Dru and then he was going to find a way to take the power from the Slayer back into his hands. Something where she would be completely at his mercy. Ahhh...a plan. He nurses the feeling and reaches for his shirt.

Go Fish

"Why, Miss Summers. You're beautiful!"

Shit - why didn't he just take out an ad and announce his intentions? What was the matter with him? He continued to spit out the disgusting fluid that was passing as blood in the boy's body. Buffy was looking at him oddly and he couldn't blame her. He quickly melted into the shadows leaving her to deal with whatever the boy was. He had better things to do with his time and didn't want to chance ruining his plans for her with any accidents. He didn't want either of them to die right before the future fell into place.


He smiled as he thought of her always holding back from that final plunge of a stake into his heart. She used to be sure of her kill and he used to be sure of his evil intentions. She was as confused as him and that was some consolation for his weary mind and heart.


Watching her kill his kind. He was certifiable. Honestly, it was a little like pride he was feeling and he supposed that was all right. She was going to be the best vampire ever turned and watching her now just impressed that on him. Dru was keeping him busy at night but he could barely wait to have Buffy again.


Not that he would be sharing that bit of knowledge with anyone, anytime. It was bad enough that he knew it about himself. And it was horrifying to acknowledge that he had spent a lot of time knowing that, if she would let him, he would be more than happy to have her right now, humanity and all. Fortunately, that wasn't an option as far as he could tell! He might never find the strength to turn her if he could have all that warm blood on tap.

"Soon, it will scream." Finally, Dru has come through for him. He knew he kept her around for a reason. This was exactly what he needed. The world would be hell and he would be back into his reality. And Buffy would be turned just in time to stay with him. She would be his greatest trophy. No more trying to deal with her on her turf - it would be his world she would be in. All he had to do was keep her busy until then and out of his way. He sighed. How hard could that be, anyway?? Right, very difficult.


But, in the end, it would all be worth it and he could have a sort of peace - as much as he wanted, anyway. She would be a pistol! He grinned to himself and looked up to the confused stares of Spike and Dru. First things first, he had to get a vampire to follow Buffy around to be sure that she didn't get in the way until he needed her.


"I don't have time for you." He really didn't. Though he had to love it when she asked him to save her a seat to hell. What an odd girl, really. Didn't she realize that this was all for her in the first place? No - she didn't. And this fight to the death was merely foreplay since he didn't plan on actually allowing her die entirely and she had to know that the sword wasn't going to kill him. But her beauty while she fought him was taking his breath away. He smiled at her and pictured her beneath him...all this fierce goodness his for the taking. And jumped out of the way as she fought her way back from the corner he had backed her into. So very, very beautiful in her sincerity and he loved her so...what??? The pain spread through him as eternity began to be ripped away….