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Schism - by Jo

The end of the road for IWRY 2013 - and what better way to end than with an apocalypse?

I hope you have enjoyed our stories this year, and I'd like to thank everyone for all of their wonderful contributions. If you would like to give them feedback, most of the stories have contact information on them, or you can visit our Livjournal. Just search for the authors' official posting day and leave your comments there.

See you next year?

Since its creation in 2004, the IWRY marathon has marked the anniversary of the episode "I Will Remember You" by posting one story for every day of November. That's thirty pieces of brand-new fanfiction celebrating the diverse relationship between Buffy and Angel, so it's no wonder that this writing collaboration has become the biggest and most anticipated event in the B/A calendar. Its annual organization has been passed through different hands, but this year, as always, we have a dedicated group of fans and writers ready to bring you through another great month of friendship, passion, and love.

Thirty Days of Not Forgetting. Are you going to join us?

~Dark Star

Dark Star - Scribes of Angel, Project Paranormal and many more...

I’d like to say a special thanks to all who have made this site possible.
Mike, for his design, graphics, and technical know-how. To my wonderful friends for their ongoing support.
To all of the writers who graciously donated the fruits of their imagination, and to the readers who return every year for another wonderful month. Thank you everyone, for just being there.

All works are posted with complete consent of the authors and the Buffyverse characters, scenarios and other related paraphernalia were created by Joss Whedon so that we could play with them.
Thank you, sir. I hope we did you proud. This archive is unofficial and no money is made from it.